African Library Project

1,000,000 Books ... and Counting!

Pile of Books

Ring the bell! This month we will pack up our 1,000,000th book for African readers.

That’s a million books from 46 U.S. states, from tens of thousands of book donors to nine countries, to start libraries where there were none. Amazing!

All accomplished by you, our grass-roots volunteers and supporters. You are everyday heroes. You roll up your sleeves. You ask your classmates, friends, and neighbors to participate. You take action to share your love of books with those that have none. You collect 1,000 books that kids adore and raise $500 to ship them. When you mobilize your friends with simple email requests or raise shipping money through lemonade and cookie sales, you bring your local community closer through your book drive, and you bring our globe closer together with this act of compassion.

We also acknowledge our fantastic African partners, who work tirelessly under challenging conditions to turn these 1,000,000 treasures into working libraries that welcome all learners.

Every day we hear gratitude from all sides: Thank you for helping me to send my books... and thank you for sending such wonderful books.

Thank you for a million acts of kindness to change lives, book by book.

December, 2012