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2021 marked a year of continuing global challenges due to COVID-19. As vaccines began to rollout, access to them remained limited in our African partner countries and virus variants created new waves of infection, loss, and uncertainty. While schools began to reopen in person, impacts of the pandemic on children’s learning and family economics persisted. </p>
<p>Yet 2021 produced many acts of resilience and innovation among the ALP community. Volunteers completed book drives for six countries, containing 269 libraries and over 300,000 books, a substantial increase over the prior year when school closures and social distancing were the norm. Despite logistical challenges, our African partners continued to distribute libraries and train new teacher librarians. During planning for our 2022 biennial Summit gathering, the Country Liaisons and Partners shifted to design our first ever virtual Summit, successfully led by our Malawi Partners in April 2022. And our wonderful donors more than doubled their end-of-year giving to ALP over recent years—thank you!</p>
<p>2021 also provided time to strengthen ALP for the future. Volunteers, staff, and Board members collaborated to develop strategies to ensure ALP’s financial sustainability, deepen and diversify engagement in ALP, measure our impact, and clarify and codify our policies and procedures. You will hear in this report from various committees on progress made in these areas. Further, the Board committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in all we do. This includes amplifying the voices of community members—partners, librarians, readers, book drive organizers—to achieve ALP’s mission. And as we refresh the Board’s membership in 2022, you will see representation from a wider range of communities and geographies. Access to books and the path to literacy is more clearly important than ever. We thank all of you for supporting the African Library Project and our mission to create, improve, and sustain libraries in African communities.

ALP At Work

Each new library changes the lives of the school’s current student population, as well as its future students. The access to the books and the experience of reading adds gratifying and worthwhile development to a child’s imagination, dreams, character creativity and critical thinking skills. In the many communities that we serve, young people have little to no access to reading materials beyond textbooks (when provided).

We serve Anglophone countries where students are tested in English for standardized exams that are required for advancement. However, these students lack books to support their reading development. This is the gap that our approach to create, improve, and sustain libraries fulfills.

For further testament to our libraries impact, check out personal testaments from ALP Alumni Readers (previous beneficiaries from an ALP library).

African Children Smiling holding books

Our Network

The African Library Project’s Impact in 2021 included work with 12 Partners impacting over 350,000 students in six countries on the continent of Africa. The collection of books and their shipment was made possible by the work of 217 Book Drive Organizers (individuals and groups).

What types of libraries were created:

    • 11 Early childhood libraries
    • 116 Primary libraries
    • 46 Junior High School
    • 43 Secondary libraries
    • 52 Community libraries
    • 8 Other types

2021 Highlights

  • 4th highest year in collection of books
  • 17,000+ more books shipped compared to 2020.
  • Our overall stats increased from 3,316,070 books and 3,197 libraries to 3,616,740 books and 3,463 libraries. 

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African Children Smiling holding books

2021 Book Drives

The top 5 states that created libraries were California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. Book Drives are led by organizer who reside in North America (USA or Canada). Organizers must collect 500 – 1,000 (depending on the size library they choose) books and fundraise to cover the cost to ship to our shipping partner in New Orleans, LA and the international shipping ($125 for half library, $250 for full library). The libraries are collectively packed for a specific country into a shipping container. From that point the container is loaded onto a vessel and voyages across the Atlantic Ocean to its destination. 

2021 libraries

The African Library Project has partners in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and South Africa. In 2021 libraries were shipped to Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, and Uganda. An agreement was made with our partner in South Africa at the end of 2021. Take a closer look at the infographic for exact stats for how many libraries and books were shipped in 2021 and for the names of our partners. 

Visit ‘Our Partners‘ webpage for more information on each of the partners. And visit our ‘About Us’ webpage for an interactive map for overall library stats for each country that we’ve worked in. 

2021 New Libraries by Country

(Listing of Schools by Country* *Not entirely conclusive of all libraries served.)

In 2021 the African Library Project created or improved libraries in the following African schools and community libraries:


Kenya – 4th Container

  1. Assar Johnson Primary
  2. Busakala Secondary
  3. Emmanuel Mercy Learning Centre
  4. Friends School Pongola
  5. Friends’ Secondary School-Misanga Library
  6. Got Kayayo Adventist School
  7. Isaac and Esther Luvaga Memorial Library
  8. Kabuchai Girls Secondary
  9. Kadika Girls Secondary
  10. Kibabii University Children’s Library Section
  11. Kisuri Primary
  12. Ligodho Mixed Secondary
  13. Luuya Girls High School
  14. Motherland Academy
  15. Mwiruti Secondary
  16. Namilama Secondary
  17. Nyamanga Primary
  18. Nyaroha Mixed Primary
  19. Nyatindo Mixed Secondary
  20. Nyora Community Library
  21. Sanchawa Primary
  22. Sichei Friends Secondary
  23. Kizito Mukhweya RC
  24. Margaret Magunga Academy
  25. Marys’ Kibabii Girls Boarding Primary
  26. Peter’s Kodeny Secondary
  27. Talent Academy Library
  28. Taragwiti Primary
  29. Wangaribose Primary

Botswana – 15th Container

  1. Baratani Primary
  2. Boipelo Primary
  3. Boiteko Junior Secondary
  4. Chichi Junior Secondary
  5. Ipelegeng Junior Secondary
  6. Itekeng Junior Secondary
  7. Kalkfontein Primary
  8. Kanagas Primary
  9. Karakubis Primary
  10. Khuduga Primary
  11. Khurumela Primary
  12. Kole Primary
  13. Lehutshelo Junior
  14. Letsholathebe 11 Senior Secondary
  15. Makunda Primary
  16. Maraka Junior Secondary
  17. Marakanelo Junior Secondary
  18. Mathiba 1 Memorial School
  19. Maun Senior Secondary
  20. Metsimantsho Primary
  21. Moeding College
  22. Mogobane Primary
  23. Mokaleng Primary
  24. Ncojane Primary
  25. New Kanagas Primary
  26. Orapa Junior Secondary 
  27. Palapye Junior Secondary
  28. Radisele Junior Secondary
  29. Shakawe Senior Secondary
  30. Siga Primary
  31. Therisano Primary

Lesotho – 13th Container

  1. Aunty Melidah Pre-School Library
  2. Boipabolo Junior School Library
  3. Bolula Primary
  4. Bophelong Junior Primary
  5. Chief Joel Mot’soene Library
  6. Christ the King High
  7. Corrine Katlehong Primary
  8. Eagle’s Peak High School Community Library
  9. Hlotse LECSA Primary
  10. Horst Shier Alma Pre-School
  11. Jesus is the Lord Pre-School
  12. Khanyane Centre of Learning
  13. Kinder Joy Pre-School
  14. Lesotho College of Education
  15. Masowe High School
  16. Matala Pre-School
  17. Mohloli-Thuto Pre-School
  18. Mokoko Primary Scholl
  19. Molapo High School
  20. Mona High School
  21. Ntaote High School
  22. Paray Primary School
  23. Paray School of Nursing
  24. Prestige Medium Primary School (PEMS)
  25. Reahola Primary School
  26. Redwitz Prep School
  27. Sefate Sa Bophelo High School
  28. Sefate Sa Bophelo Pre-School
  29. Sefate Sa Bophelo Primary School
  30. Rodrique High School
  31. Bernadette Preschool
  32. Takalaisa Secondary School
  33. Thaba Tseka High School
  34. Wisdom Preparation School

UGanda – 3rd Container

  1. ALEA Community Library
  2. All Saints Secondary Ociba
  3. Ark Christian
  4. BFFF Community Library
  5. Blessed Seed Secondary – Nakaseke
  6. Bukedea Union Vision Nursery and Primary
  7. Bunono Community Library
  8. Burora Community Library
  9. Buziga Islamic Theological Institute Primary
  10. Bwanga Community Library
  11. Chusa Community Library
  12. Elgon Wisdom Hall Library
  13. enjuba ECD Lab School
  14. Goldhearts for Africa Foundation
  15. Graben Junior
  16. Ihunga Community Library
  17. Kabuga Community Library
  18. Kashenshero Community Library
  19. Kayanga Community Library
  20. Kigata Primary
  21. Kigulu Cultural Museum
  22. Kijomoro Secondary School
  23. Kikulu Zone Community Library
  24. Kira Municipality Community Library
  25. Kisilizi Community Library
  26. Kisuule Primary
  27. Kiwangala Community Library
  28. KK Kindergarten and Primary
  29. Kyaruhotora Community Library
  30. Lightray Primary
  31. Lutex Community Library
  32. Maanga Child Development Centre
  33. Malwa Umea Primary
  34. Maracha Secondary
  35. Michelangelo Library of Creative Arts
  36. Ndago Community Library
  37. Nyabushenyi Community Library
  38. Nyarushanje Community Library and Empowerment Center
  39. Oriajin Secondary
  40. Pena Ebenezer Nursery and Primary
  41. Precious Souls Community Library
  42. Ruyonza Community Library
  43. Rwikira Literacy Centre
  44. Soccer Without Borders Uganda Refugee Youth Resource Center
  45. Village Girl Community Library
  46. VOTU Community Library
  47. Youth Talent Foundation

Malawi – 13th Container

  1. Alinane Academy
  2. Alipo II Primary School New Naperi Side
  3. Ayose Community Library
  4. Bembe CDSS
  5. Bevlee CDSS
  6. Bumbunyika F. P. School
  7. Chamalire Community Day Secondary
  8. Chididi
  9. Chikupira Model Primary
  10. Chiradzulu Teachers Training College
  11. Chitawira Primary
  12. Chitukula CDSS
  13. Dzenza Mission CDSS
  14. Dzenza Secondary
  15. Ehehlen CDSS
  16. Emmanuel Private Primary
  17. Emmanuel PVT Secondary
  18. Exploits University Lilongwe Campus
  19. God’s Grace Academy
  20. Jali Community Library
  21. Kabwabwa CDSS
  22. Kabwabwa LEA
  23. Katete Boys Primary
  24. Kauta Primary
  25. Kavitengo Primary
  26. Kholombidzo Primary
  27. Lilongwe Teachers Training College
  28. Luviri CDSS
  29. Machecheta Primary
  30. Makali Primary
  31. Mamas Private
  32. Maphanda Community Library
  33. Maranatha Institute of Education Pvt Primary
  34. Mngwangwa CDSS
  35. Mother Theresa Nursery and Daycare
  36. Mother Theresa Primary
  37. Mphunda Atlas Library
  38. Mphunda Backup Community
  39. Mphunda Backup Primary
  40. Mphunda Backup Secondary
  41. Muwangawokhota Primary
  42. Mvera AIDS Support Organisation Community Library
  43. Mvera Youth and Development Solution Community Library
  44. Mvunguti CDSS
  45. Mwansambo Secondary
  46. Namapanga Primary
  47. Namasimba Primary
  48. Namikango Junior Primary
  49. Nchenachena Community Library
  50. Ndumila Primary
  51. Ndunde CCAP
  52. Neno Primary
  53. Nsondole Community Library
  54. Ntonda Primary
  55. Nyengere
  56. Oasis of Hope Children Church Library
  57. St John’s Girls Secondary
  58. Thanganyika Primary
  59. Tsokakanansi Primary
  60. Ulumba Full Primary
  61. Unyolo Primary
  62. Zingwangwa Youth Skills and Development Centre

Ghana – 11th Container

  1. Abrenya Basic
  2. Abrewankor Community Library
  3. Abunyanya DA Basic
  4. Abunyanya Primary
  5. Adaklu Wumenu DA Basic
  6. Akyem Muronaim JHS
  7. Anyinasu Ahamdiya Primary & JHS
  8. Anyinasu DA Primary & JHS
  9. Ashiabre MA Basic Primary & JHS 
  10. Assemblies of God School
  11. Awudome Avenui Methodist JHS
  12. Bakpaba MA Primary & JHS
  13. Bepututum Basic
  14. Beremayena DA Basic
  15. Bethel Academy Primary 
  16. Bincheratanga MA JHS
  17. Bisignamdo DA Primary & Community
  18. Bonakye MA Basic
  19. Brewaniase EP JHS
  20. Brewaniase MA Basic
  21. Buoyem SDA Basic
  22. Chillinga MA Basic
  23. Churchill International
  24. Damanko DA JHS B
  25. Damanko-Baduli DA JHS
  26. Daniel Classic
  27. Dzogbefeme DA Basic
  28. EA JHS
  29. El-Shaddai Educational Center & Community 
  30. EP Desmonstration JHS
  31. Extensive Reading Club
  32. Martin RC JHS
  33. Gbodome DA Basic
  34. Gborsike Basic
  35. Greater Yields International
  36. Hill of Riches
  37. Jama Tinponim DA
  38. Kabonwule DA Primary
  39. Kecheibi RC Basic
  40. Keri MA JHS
  41. Kofi-Akura DA Basic
  42. Kofi-Nyi ECG Basic
  43. Kpando Gadza MA Basic
  44. Kpassa DA JHS A1
  45. kpassa DA JHS B1
  46. Kpassa ECG JHS A
  47. Kwadwo Nkrumah Library
  48. Lifaldo JHS
  49. Logba Adzakoe DA/RC Basic
  50. Makayili JHS & Community
  51. Mama Akura DA JHS
  52. Menonnite Academy & Community
  53. Nabu DA Basic
  54. Nana Akwasi Awobaa 11 RC
  55. Nana Akwasi Awobaa 11 SDA
  56. Nneka Youth Foundation
  57. Nyambong MA KG/Primary 
  58. Obanda Community Library
  59. Odumase-Adele MA Basic 
  60. Our Lady of Peace JHS
  61. Presby JHS &Community
  62. Pusuga MA JHS
  63. Queen Jane School
  64. Sanabu Islamic Basic
  65. Joseph RC JHS
  66. The Light Library

 where we are headed

In 2021, the Board’s strategic planning retreat led to the formation of realigned strategic goals and objectives. In a broad sense of this narrative, the strategic goals and objectives can be summarized as the following

    Ensure Sustainability

    Establish an Advisory Council that will cultivate deeper connection to ALP’s mission and community, while also providing specialized advisory expertise to the ALP Board.

    Increase Engagement and Growth

    • Deepen and diversify relationships and partnerships.
    • Develop new programs, including digital programming.

    Measure Our Impact

    • Create efficient and replicable methodology to implement, monitor and measure the impact of our libraries and their operations.
    • Utilize data and case studies to tell the story about our impact.
    • Utilize the data and the data-collection process to amplify the voice of African partners, teacher-librarians, school leaders, and readers.

      by the numbers

      The African Library Project will aim in 2022 to exceed its 2020 and 2021 numbers for total books donated and libraries, in order to get back to its pre-COVID numbers. The goal will be to ship 330 libraries of 330,000 books to 7 countries.

       ways to give and support

      The African Library Project relies on its general donations to maintain operations, provide library manuals and HIV/AIDS books, covering shipping and storage fees, and expand its mission’s reach. We invite you to be a part of our story by making a monetary contribution to our organization. If you’re interested in stock donations, planned giving or workplace giving programs*, please email donations@africanlibraryproject.org for information on outright gifts, stocks, workplace giving, etc.

      Our Blog

      Case Study – Arua Public Primary and Nursery School

      Case Study – Arua Public Primary and Nursery School

      Encouraging Young Readers in Arua Arua Public Primary and Nursery School is located in northern Uganda, near the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. As a result, 300 of the 1,535 students are refugees. The school also hosts 130 boarding...

      read more

      Past Summits

      View photo albums and more!

      2022 Virtual sessions

      Due to COVID-19 policies and enforced travel restrictions, the 2022 Summit was held virtually as two mini sessions. This allowed us to invite everyone who supports our work to join. Although the virtual sessions do not come close to replacing the power of an actual in-person gathering, they did allow for our community to hear from our Malawi and Kenyan Partners to present about their country and best practices for their work. There was also time for an open dialogue for the entire community. 

      The first session was hosted by the Malawi Partners in April 2022 (watch recording on YouTube) and the second session was hosted by the Kenyan Partners in November 2022 (watch recording on YouTube).