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The African Library Project’s Impact in 2021 included work with 12 Partners impacting over 350,000 students in six countries on the continent of Africa. The collection of books and their shipment was made possible by the work of 217 Book Drive Organizers (individuals and groups).

What types of libraries were created:

    • 11 Early childhood libraries
    • 116 Primary libraries
    • 46 Junior High School
    • 43 Secondary libraries
    • 52 Community libraries
    • 8 Other types

2021 Highlights

  • 4th highest year in collection of books
  • 17,000+ more books shipped compared to 2020.
  • Our overall stats increased from 3,316,070 books and 3,197 libraries to 3,616,740 books and 3,463 libraries. 

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African Children Smiling holding books

2021 Book Drives

The top 5 states that created libraries were California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. Book Drives are led by organizer who reside in North America (USA or Canada). Organizers must collect 500 – 1,000 (depending on the size library they choose) books and fundraise to cover the cost to ship to our shipping partner in New Orleans, LA and the international shipping ($125 for half library, $250 for full library). The libraries are collectively packed for a specific country into a shipping container. From that point the container is loaded onto a vessel and voyages across the Atlantic Ocean to its destination. 

2021 libraries

The African Library Project has partners in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and South Africa. In 2021 libraries were shipped to Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, and Uganda. An agreement was made with our partner in South Africa at the end of 2021. Take a closer look at the infographic for exact stats for how many libraries and books were shipped in 2021 and for the names of our partners. 

Visit ‘Our Partners‘ webpage for more information on each of the partners. And visit our ‘About Us’ webpage for an interactive map for overall library stats for each country that we’ve worked in. 

 Why libraries?

Libraries provide access to reading material and resources that hold the key to advancing literacy and nurturing growth in and out of the classroom. The countries that the African Library Project serve have some of the lowest rates of literacy and enrollment in schools. A primary culprit to the low rates in literacy and school enrollment is that there is a lack of educational resources available to students. Something as simply as a board or picture book are not readily accessible and prevalent where ALP libraries are created as they are in North America.

The mission of the African Library Project is to change lives book by book, together with partners in Africa and North American volunteers to create, improve, and sustain libraries in African communities. Please consider supporting this mission by donating or volunteering to do a book drive. If you wish to contribute in some other way, please contact us at

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2022 Book Drive Organizer Highlight and Testimonial

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