Working with our family and friends for the African Library Project was incredibly rewarding and gave us a reason to be proud of our community. Our neighbors, family, and friends made it very easy to meet our goal and collect books to donate. Their willingness to give back taught us a lot about community, honor, and our abilities to plan and execute such a big project. We are very grateful to have been a part of this project and look forward to doing it again. We are also very thankful that we could give joy to the young kids that this project helped through education. Knowing that we could provide something as important as knowledge to these kids was very internally rewarding. It taught us a lot about compassion and how important it is to recognize our privilege and do good with what we have. Thank you!

Srihitha Byreddy, Sathvik Reddy Byreddy, Sadhana Boppudi and SriTejas Boppudi



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