We are fortunate to have easy access to numerous amenities and opportunities; many locations around the globe don’t. When my little sister and I got the chance to help with our first book drive project, we were super excited. During this project, we collected more than 500 books to create a half library in Malawi, where children can read books and gain access to material previously out of reach for them. Establishing a library for a school is a rewarding experience. I hope the children in Malawi will enjoy the books and travel to magical places in their imagination. This project also helped me identify my leadership abilities and motivated me to lead more initiatives to cheer up more kids. Thank you ALP!Saravan Padala

I was super excited when I got the opportunity to help with this project. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from this endeavor. I hope you enjoy these books and see them as a door to a beautiful, magical fantasy. I hope you can use the books for the good of yourself and others. I had a great time working on this project, and I hope these books will bring happiness to all of you. Thank you, ALP!Tanishka Padala


Interested in creating a library for a school or community in a country in sub-Saharan Africa? Sign-up to become a book drive organizer here. We’re always looking for more book drive organizers, so we can support creating or improving 300 small libraries every year. Book drives are matched directly with the recipient, so organizers can be sure to collect the right level of reading material and provide other requests for reading material. Click here to learn more about African Library Project book drives.