African Library Project – 2022: Malawi, Alinane Junior Academy and Dunduzu Primary School

 Being a part of the African Library Project taught us to be more considerate, organized, and thoughtful. Knowing that the books we have collected will benefit children’s education and make them happy teaches us the responsibilities and value of the global community. We are delighted to be part of the initiative and want to continue participating in African Library Project book drives to make the world a better place.

  • It helped me to recognize my leadership potential and inspired me oversee more projects – Vishal Kattoju
  • Establishing a library for a school is a satisfying and rewarding experience – Siddharth Yoganand
  • Always reach out to others for help to collect books – Pradyumna Denduluri
  • A little aid goes a long way. Please go for it!!! – Bhuvana Bhamidipati
  • I completed four ALP projects and would love to lead more projects to bring joy to more children– Divit Patangia
  • I am honored to be a founder of my school club “Book Hoarders” in support of ALP Sagar Anne
  • I am proud to be the co-founder of my school club “Book Hoarders” supporting ALP – Sahasra Anne
  • Thank you to my community for their kind donations of numerous books – Shraavya Ampabathina
  • I am happy to be a part of this project and have really appreciated – Sanjana Thatte
  • ALP is my first book drive, and I am pleased to be part of it – Srihas Maddali


Left to right: Vishal Kattoju, Siddharth Yoganand, Pradyumna Denduluri, Bhuvana Bhamidipati, Divit Patangia, Sagar Anne,

Sahasra Anne, Shraavya Ampabathina, Sanjana Thatte, Srihas Maddali – ALP Malawi 2022

Interested in creating a library in Africa? Sign-up to become a book drive organizer here. We’re always looking for more book drive organizers, so we can support creating or improving 300 small libraries every year. Book drives are matched directly with the recipient, so organizers can be sure to collect the right level of reading material and provide other requests for reading material. Click here to learn more about African Library Project book drives.