Canterbury and Ivy Lane – A community comes together to build libraries

African Library Project 2022: Auray High School and Lekota Primary School, Lesotho

As a community, we learned many great things from hosting a book drive through the African Library Project. It impacted everyone differently. This project made us think deeper about education and how we can help other kids with these books. It made us realize every book counts. One book can make a difference, which makes us feel grateful for what we all have the privilege of. We came together from different schools in the district to participate on this project. As a community, we look forward to continuing this every year and making a big difference for a great cause.

– Canterbury and Ivy Lane Community, California



Contributing to this library is fulfilling to the heart and will change the lives of many – Shirsho Sinha

Giving bright children the opportunity to receive the education they deserve – Riya Agrawal

Helping to build a library in support of many studious children is a gratifying experience – Gayatri Adapa

Being able to help build a library to give an opportunity for brilliant children is delightful – Sarayu Deevi

Establishing a library for a school without one feels wonderful – Meghana Yamajala

Passing on books to children to enrich their minds and help them expand their horizons was a fulfilling experience – Sahil Sampangi

Working with other people with like-minded ideas in order to bring colorful ideas to young children was an amazing experience – Rohan Koditala

Knowledge is power. Giving these kids the ability to gain knowledge through this book drive is the greatest gift we could give – Arnav Magadala

Happy to be part of such a great project. Glad that kids are able to enjoy the books – Rithika Kodtala

Creating an impact on children and diversifying their education was a fulfilling experience – Aditya Popuri

Collecting these books and helping give children the opportunity to travel to magical places in their imagination is truly an eye-opening experience – Saravan Padala

The African Library project was a great opportunity that made me realize how lucky I am to have access to so many libraries – Tanishka Padala

A simple act can have a significant impact on someone else’s life. There’s a huge opportunity to create a lot more libraries for schools that don’t have one – Bhuvana Bhamidipati

I am very happy to be part of the project and look forward in participating in more – Rooney Chirutha

Knowledge is power and that is found in books. Establishing a library for kids is giving a chance to expand their knowledge and future – Yashwanth Oruganti

One book might not make a difference to us but it can mean the world for someone – Aadya Magadala

African Library Project is a wonderful experience and I want to do more in future – Trisha Srivastava 

Interested in creating a library for a school or community in a country in sub-Saharan Africa? Sign-up to become a book drive organizer here. We’re always looking for more book drive organizers, so we can support creating or improving 300 small libraries every year. Book drives are matched directly with the recipient, so organizers can be sure to collect the right level of reading material and provide other requests for reading material. Click here to learn more about African Library Project book drives.