We’re proud to receive the following thank you note written from Mrs. Lungile C. Msibi of Swaziland.

It is our great privilege to write this letter to you, thanking you for receiving such wonderful and interesting novels you donated to us as Ebenezer High School.

They reached us at the right time when we needed them the most. Students read them with pleasure such that they find no need to go to the libraries around town since the school is located on the outskirts of town. We have students who are more than 1000 in number, which allows them to read one book after another because of the number of novels we received from you.

All the books are interesting but one that interests me the most is the one written by John Peterson with the title, “THE LITTLES GO EXPLORING,” where Tom and Lucy find a secret room while searching for an email. While searching in the room, they find plenty of papers which had a secret of the direction of their grandfather who got lost a long time ago. What is interesting is that they ended up finding their grandfather still alive, yet they thought that he was dead. Their sadness changed to a joyous mood.

On another note, a book by the same author read by one of the students with the title “THE LITTLES TAKE A TRIP”. These little boys who looked like animals with tails, took a trip to visit their other family. They traveled using Big Cats Boat which they do not know how to use it, it broke along the way and they decided to walk. What is more of a secret is that they did not know where the family they were visiting was? While they were walking in the forest a big animal like a monster appeared, which wanted to eat them alive. One of them pokes the animal while Tom the smallest of them all ran to the nearest house for help. When he returned, he finds that the animal was already dead. What is more interesting is that the helping hand of the family they asked, was the one they were looking for, not knowing each other. That is how the two families met and it was the first annual meeting of the tiny people in the big village.

We thank you for your generosity you have helped us a great deal.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Lungile C. Msibi