African Library Project, Uganda, Bukeda Union Vision Nursery and Primary School, 2021

Knowing that the books we send you may be the first time you hold and experience them builds a bond between us over an ocean and thousands of miles. It makes us very proud and gives meaning to all we’ve accomplished in our lives. If we have books and libraries, we have everything we need. Having books and libraries are the best part of our lives and teaches us a lot. The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library – The best friend!!! 

– Nandha Rajesh, Divit Patangia, Bhuvana Bhamidipati, Sunita Boppudi, Mrdah Murali, Pradyumna Denduluri, CALIFORNIA, USA

This year has been a rewarding experience as part of the African Library Project. This was my first time leading a team on my own, and it taught me a lot about my potential and capabilities. My involvement with the African Library project has allowed me to become more compassionate, mindful, and organized. Knowing that the books I’ve collected will bring joy to some children is such an internally rewarding feeling and teaches me the value of community. Being a part of this event was a blessing, and I want to continue participating in African Library Project book drives to make a difference. 

– Bhuvana Bhamidipati, CALIFORNIA, USA