Book Drive Registration

Book Drive Registration 

This form is to register to do a book drive in the U.S and Canada. If you have questions about receiving books in an African country, please email: or learn more about our African Partners here

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Types of Libraries we establish: 

Early childhood: Preschool - 1st grade

Primary library: Preschool - 4th grade reading level.

Secondary library: 4th - 8th grade reading level

Community: preschool - 8th grade reading level

Primary library open to the community: 2/3 Primary & 1/3 secondary

Secondary library open to the community: 1/3 Primary & 2/3 Secondary

JHS: 2nd-6th grade reading level

Primary/JHS: preschool - 6th grade reading level

JHS/ Secondary: 2nd - 8th grade reading level

Full libraries are 1000 to 1200 books.

Half libraries are 500 books and only available for some containers

Note:  Book drives usually take 6-8 weeks to complete.

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Past Summits

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2022 Virtual sessions

Due to COVID-19 policies and enforced travel restrictions, the 2022 Summit was held virtually as two mini sessions. This allowed us to invite everyone who supports our work to join. Although the virtual sessions do not come close to replacing the power of an actual in-person gathering, they did allow for our community to hear from our Malawi and Kenyan Partners to present about their country and best practices for their work. There was also time for an open dialogue for the entire community. 

The first session was hosted by the Malawi Partners in April 2022 (watch recording on YouTube) and the second session was hosted by the Kenyan Partners in November 2022 (watch recording on YouTube).