Book Lovers Unite to Share Their Passion with Readers in Lesotho and Botswana

African Library Project 2022: Makintane High School, Lesotho and Matlola Primary School, Botswana

We are a group of young readers who enjoy reading the most. Visiting the library is one of our favorite pastimes. A good library will never be too neat or dusty because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them. But a good library has great imaginations, and we here take true pleasure in sharing with you these fantasies. 

The most fascinating thing about books is that they let you travel without moving your feet. Having books is the best part of our lives, and we want to share the same happiness with you by helping you build your own library. Explore and adventure into the forests of imagination that books offer. Have a great reading time!

Yogashikhar Marella, Hrithvik Burra, Shaurya Madiraju, Karthik Vishubhotla, Ishan Reddy Gottam, Sridershani Anandraj, Sanvi Goutama


Taking part in the African Library Project (ALP) and helping build two libraries in Lesotho and Botswana was a great experience. It makes me very happy knowing that more children will be able to dive into the world of reading, and enjoy the books as much as we enjoyed them. I am overjoyed that I was able to make a difference through ALP, and I plan to lead many more projects in the future.

Yogashikhar Marella

Books are an experience, stories that take you to another world. The African Library Project is a fantastic organization to help spread these magical experiences. It gives me immense joy to share some of these stories and experiences through books and libraries that can help bring others happiness. 

Shaurya Madiraju

Interested in creating a library for a school or community in a country in sub-Saharan Africa? Sign-up to become a book drive organizer here. We’re always looking for more book drive organizers, so we can support creating or improving 300 small libraries every year. Book drives are matched directly with the recipient, so organizers can be sure to collect the right level of reading material and provide other requests for reading material. Click here to learn more about African Library Project book drives.