Encouraging Young Readers in Ziroobwe, Uganda

The Mukasa Community Foundation was started by a professional librarian who wanted to advance literacy in rural Ugandan communities. Its library is located inside a primary school, in a rural town called  Ziroobwe in the Luweero District of Central Uganda. Ziroobwe is about an hour’s drive to the capital of Uganda, Kampala. The school serves 64 children.

Learning In Action ta the Mukasa Foundation Community Library

The librarian, Priscila Tumusiime, along with three members of the library committee gave us a tour of the facility. The library is well lit, and the books are organized on sturdy shelves. When students visit according to their rotating schedule, they have mats to sit on while reading. They are currently in the process of building a new library, which is a very exciting development. 

Before African Library Project sent books to the Mukasa Foundation Community Library, they only had adult books provided by the Uganda National Library Service. They were not suitable for young children, so they were grateful for the books we were able to provide. 

You Can Promote Literacy

The most popular books among students were the Dr. Seuss books from African Library Project. We’re excited to see the future impact of these books. If you’re inspired by the Mukasa Community Foundation’s mission to improve literacy, we’d encourage you to check out our Volunteer page. 

About This Case Study Series

 Welcome to our Ugandan Case Study Series featuring 10 libraries recently visited by ALP Founder Chris Bradshaw and ALP Container Manager Tracy Gaestel. Chris and Tracy traveled to Uganda to meet with our partners at enjuba and First Foundation Education Trust. Enjoy this deeper dive into some of our Ugandan libraries.