Encouraging Young Readers in Kampala, Uganda

Youth Corps Learning Center is located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It’s a technical school that teaches computer skills, hairdressing, cosmetology, catering, and sewing for students who can’t afford school fees.

Learning In Action at the Youth Corps Learning Center Community Library

If you were one of the fifty regular visitors to the Youth Corps Learning Center Community Library, you’d go upstairs to find a single, well-lit room with neatly organized books and access to four computers. You’d locate a book with the Dewey decimal system and checkout with Jamia, the librarian, who stamps the card in your book’s pocket.


The students at the Youth Corps Learning Center love and appreciate the leisure books they’ve received from our book drive organizers. In addition to the books they’ve received from the African Library Project, they’ve also obtained books to assist with their vocational training.

You Can Promote Literacy

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About This Case Study Series

Welcome to our Ugandan Case Study Series featuring 10 libraries recently visited by ALP Founder Chris Bradshaw and ALP Container Manager Tracy Gaestel. Chris and Tracy traveled to Uganda to meet with our partners at enjuba and First Foundation Education Trust. Enjoy this deeper dive into some of our Ugandan libraries.


Library visit date: June 6, 2023