Our staff is collaborating with our partner in Ghana, the Michael Lapsley Foundation, to bring you updates on the libraries and communities we serve and how they have been affected by the novel coronavirus.

Updates on our work in Ghana: We are actively seeking book drive organizers to help start libraries in Ghana. Our 2020 container deadline is September 15, 2020.

An update from our African Partner in Ghana, Ernest Ankomah, regarding how COVID-19 has affected his workflows:

Our office operations are shut down as a result  of  COVID-19. At the moment I am working from home and students are also at home, and you can imagine how it will feel with three children – the noise and the disturbances. Although its fun, at times it makes it difficult to focus well. Most of my plans for the year are cancelled: meetings, appointments, travels, etc. It has indeed affected a lot of organizations including ours.

How has COVID-19 affected how you communicate with school facilities and school libraries, and/or how are you continuing your work on the ground during this time?

Most communication during this pandemic has been via Zoom, online chatting, telephone calls and  WhatsApp.

What are ways we can encourage children to read even when schools are closed?

Because of the restrictions, most students are at home, but we have communicated to few rural communities to help the kids borrow books from the libraries.
Most students, including those in the cities, are also studying  via Internet and Whatsapp. 
The government of Ghana has also made airtime available on selected TV stations for E-learning.

List of COVID-19 Resources – Ghana