Family came together to collect Book by Book

African Library Project 2022: Telle Primary School, Lesotho

In 2021, Bhuvana began the first book drive for Uganda. With her success story, she signed up for more projects in 2022 with her friends and community kids. This is ongoing. During this book drive to Lesotho – Telle Primary School, the family (all cousins) came together to create a library. A togetherness for a noble cause is very rewarding. We had a lot of fun doing this project.

The greatest book lover we ever knew, our parental grandma always treasured every opportunity to get her hands on a book. Everyone learned from her how education creates knowledge and provides access to a better life. No one should be restricted in their education because they lack resources. Everyone should get equal opportunity. We want to keep promoting and directing initiatives like African Library Project that benefit communities, raise awareness of issues there, and help others achieve.  

Manasvi Boppudi, Sritejas Boppudi, Sadhana Boppudi, Suryatej Bhamidipati and Bhuvana Bhamidipati






Interested in creating a library for a school or community in a country in sub-Saharan Africa? Sign-up to become a book drive organizer here. We’re always looking for more book drive organizers, so we can support creating or improving 300 small libraries every year. Book drives are matched directly with the recipient, so organizers can be sure to collect the right level of reading material and provide other requests for reading material. Click here to learn more about African Library Project book drives.