November is Family Literacy Month! Reading as a family is so important to children’s development, plus it is amazing for adults as well. Reading to children starting at a young age can instill a life-long love of reading. So, we wanted to share a few ways to celebrate literacy this month. 

Set aside a little time for reading every day, even if it’s only for 15 or so minutes.

Habits are formed through small, consistent actions. This month would be a great month to start taking these actions. Place a book somewhere that you will see it and pick it up daily, set aside some time to read with your family, or download the Kindle app on your phone and open that to read instead of opening social media. I do love a physical book, but I do find myself reading more when I swap out some of my time on social media with reading. Also, be sure to check your local library for their eBook options. 

Go through both old and new books, and set some of your favorites around the house. They make cute decorations, and maybe one of the kids will pick one up and start reading!

Displaying books is a good way to remind yourself or encourage your family to pick them up and read. It is also a way for the family to share their favorite books. You could encourage everyone in the family to create decorations for their books that highlight their favorite parts. It is a great way to share books with the whole family.

Take a few trips to the library.

This might not be an option in your area, because many libraries are offering limited services due to Covid-19, but now would be a good time to see what services your library is offering. Many libraries are offering some sort of virtual or curbside service. If you aren’t sure what your library is doing, this month would be a good time to find out. Take some time to utilize the services your library is providing and maybe you will be able to find some new books to read in the process!

Read your child the book version of their favorite movie. If they can read on their own, encourage them to read it!

Linking a book to something your child already enjoys is a great way to engage them in reading. Encouraging them to read the book the movie is based on is a fun way to get them to read. It can also open up fun conversations about the differences between the book and the movie. You could even find a movie the whole family enjoys and read the book it is based on together. 

Start a book club with friends and family.

One of the great joys of reading is discussing the book afterwards. Starting a mini book club with the family would encourage those conversations within your family, or open it up to friends around you. This also keeps you and your family accountable in their reading. It can be hard to keep that habit in a busy life, so creating that accountability would help. 

Participate in a book drive and donate old or used books you no longer need. 

You could look into starting a book drive with ALP!