African Library Project


2011 Compassion in Action Awards

In 2011 we honored two Swazi women with our highest tribute, the ALP Compassion in Action Award.  Thanks to their leadership, ALP has started 137 libraries in Swaziland during the past four years.

Victoria Khumalo is a Senior Librarian with the Swaziland National Library Service. Victoria wrote in 2008,  “We want desperately to set up more libraries in rural schools.  They have staff and spare rooms, but we don’t have books.  And our National Library Service simply does not have the capacity to serve all who need our help.”  So Victoria reached out to ALP and to a Swazi NGO (non-profit organization), Fundza, to forge a unique partnership.

Nonkululeko Mdluli is Director of Fundza in Swaziland.  Fundza was established as an NGO in 1987 to provide reading materials to schools, but its services lapsed due to economic woes.  Nonkululeko, a professional librarian, re-started Fundza and became a passionate orator on behalf of the power of reading.  She has inspired thousands of children to read.

Thanks to Victoria and Nonkululeko’s vision and leadership, Swazi children are getting the books they need to improve literacy.  They truly demonstrate Compassion in Action.

December, 2011