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Top ALP Honors Awarded for Heroic Efforts

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400+ VIPs, children, teacher-librarians and our international team applauded the passion and hard work of 2017 award winners at the Summit. Patrick Jafali, of DAPP Malawi and Sharon Allen, a New Mexico book drive organizer, were named winners of the 2017 Compassion in Action Award. Botswana’s Southern District Schools and the Kanye Education Centre received the 2017 Library Excellence Award.

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According to Carolyn Gannon, Malawi Liaison, “Patrick has been instrumental in 9 years of outreach to schools, container clearance, and unloading logistics. He has handled problems, worked and communicated with the other partners, organized and performed teacher librarian training. He gets thank-you’s, stories, and photos and takes a leadership role whenever needed.”

Since her first book drive in June 2016, Sharon has completed 24 book drives. In May 2017, she traveled to Kenya with ALP partner Project Humanity, when the first shipment of books was delivered to the schools. Sharon now serves as Project Humanity’s Literacy Program Leader and an ALP Ambassador.

The Southern District Schools and the Kanye Education Centre received a new award for contributing unique ideas to ALP libraries. Their innovations included Culture Corners, PTA leadership and library oversight, and teaching reading through games.

December 2017