African Library Project

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Nonkululeko at the Summit

The Summit that Rocked

Get the low down on the spectacular 4th African Partners Summit.

Sierra Leone Schoolchildren

Sierra Leone's First 35

Chris Bradshaw tours 11 of Sierra Leone's first 35 ALP libraries.  It's been 40 years since her last trip, and during 10 of these, Sierra Leone saw a bitter civil war.  What will greet her?

Chris Bradshaw

Dear Friends ...

Our founder, Chris Bradshaw, reflects on 2013, another record-breaking year for this all-volunteer, grassroots organization. 

Carol Younge

From Newbie to Pro:
Carol's Tips for Creating Libraries

A first-time Book Drive Organizer makes several fabulous discoveries.

canoes thumb

Meeting Around the Tree

Excerpts from the library application from Rokupr, a small fishing village in the northwest of Sierra Leone.

sl kids thumb

Rebuilding Sierra Leone After Civil War

As eager communities wait, 35 new libraries make their way across the Atlantic.  What is life like now in Sierra Leone?

Librarian Sears

Celebrating our 1000th Library

A literal wave of celebration broke out in the Sperreng Middle School auditorium as Chris Bradshaw told students that their book drive established African Library Project's 1000th library ...

Kukuo Students

Read for the Future Library, Kukuo, Ghana

Kukuo is one of the alleged "witches camps" in Ghana where women ostracized for witchcraft find sanctuary. ALP's library there will make a future for children who, until now, have had no books ...

Books4Cause Logo

Cause for Celebration ... Again and Again

Books4Cause, a for-profit social venture based in Skoie, IL, is about to ship their 20th ALP library (in just two years).  What's the secret to their success?

thumb_africanLibraryProjectSquareLogoNewsletter 2012 (.pdf)

Our 2012 year in review: 191 new libraries (890 total), news on a millionth book, stories of transformation, ALP publishes its first book and gains a new African partner -- read all about it!  pdf view 2012 newsletter