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Some Book Drive Organizers Exceed All Expectations

By taking a road trip, thinking creatively, or establishing a club, some book drive organizers manage to exceed all expectations.


Inaugural World Literacy Summit

Chris Bradshaw attended the first "World Literacy Summit" in England last month.  Read about her observations on the summit, and ALP's place in the global fight against illiteracy.


After a Decade, the Damanko Library Lives

After ten years without a single book, the Damanko School library will finally be filled with books and readers thanks to Peace Corps volunteer Kristi Moses, communities in Africa and the USA, and ALP.


Call to Action:  Read a Book, Give a Book

ALP is pleased to announce our partnership with the We Give Books campaign.  NOW you can read a free book online, and donate a free paper book to Africa!  Find out how ...


The Joy of Doing Book Drives

The first time she stepped into a library, Joy Njuguna had no idea what it was.  Now she is happy to be spreading literacy, one book at a time.


ALP Book Inspires Students' Community Activism

A thank-you note from Swazi teacher-librarian Doreen Magagula to her book drive organizer in California makes it clear how much change a book can start.


2011 Compassion in Action Awards

In 2011 we honored two Swazi women with our highest tribute, the ALP Compassion in Action Award.  Thanks to their leadership, ALP has started 137 libraries in Swaziland during the past four years.

packing_thumbA Recipe to Change the World ...

1,000 books + $500 = 1 African Library!

ernest1_thumbGhana's First 31

How do you start over 30 libraries, all at once?  Just send a container with 497 boxes of books from 29 different US book drives to a wonderful local partner.

adoore_thumbSwarthmore Students Open the Door to Literacy

Excerpts from an interview with David Opoku, a Swarthmore College student from Ghana, who co-led a successful ALP book drive in Spring 2011 for Tonoso High School in Ghana.