Tatiana Santos, Youth Program Manager

Likes: Poetry, Baking, Singing, Creative Self-Expression

Location: Las Vegas, NV

About Tatiana

“My mother is a journalist, so her job had us bouncing around a lot growing up. That experience of moving around so much and being exposed to so many different cultures really developed my love for communications and learning about the world around me.”

Why ALP?

“Honestly, when I found ALP, it sparked so much joy. I love creativity, I love arts, I love books, but a lot of my background is working in nonprofits. I’m really passionate about youth finding their voice, because that was important to me as a kid. Books helped me do that when I was younger. So when I found ALP it was all the things I’m passionate about in one organization – that excited me and made me want to be part of the ALP mission.”

About the Position

“As the Youth Program Manager, I help youth organize book drives and recruit. I provide them with tools to become innovators and leaders in society. The program focuses a lot on STEM topics, and this program cycle we’ll be doing lots of digital media projects. The program is really going to focus on allowing youth to feel confident in themselves and find who they are and how they can contribute. It’s going to be a lot about finding creative freedom in their projects but also sharing ALP’s mission with their peers, their communities, and advocating for global literacy.”

Anything else?

The program is set up to be for sixth-twelfth graders, however, I highly encourage anyone who might be in college to also reach out to me, because there’s some way, shape, or form we can have them involved!

If you are interested in finding out more about our youth programs, contact Tatiana at tatiana@africanlibraryproject.org.