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Thank you for taking the opportunity to support the creation of libraries in communities and schools of sub-Saharan Africa. This donation webpage is specifically for covering the cost of shipping books from a port in New Orleans to Africa. If you would like to opt for mailing a check, please see below for more guidance.

To pay online by credit card, please complete the form on the left. Do not include the dollar sign ($) in the donation amount, just include the number. Upon clicking ‘SUBMIT’ you will be directed to a secure PayPal site to complete the transaction. PayPal membership is not required. You will immediately receive an email acknowledgment from PayPal for your tax records.

For general support donations to the African Library Project, please visit our general donation webpage on Classy, here.

CHECK OPTION: If mailing a check, please make it payable to the African Library Project, include the book drive code on the memo portion of your check, and mail to:

African Library Project
19 Mantua Road
Mount Royal, NJ 08061

DEDICATIONS: If you wish to dedicate your donation in honor of someone, please include a note with the honoree’s name, address, and email so that we can notify them of your gift.

BOOK DRIVE CODE: If this is for a specific book drive, please include the book drive code. If you don’t have the code, please include the name of the person doing the book drive. It is imperative that you include this information so that the funds are attributed to the appropriate book drive and not received as a general shipping donation.

Past Summits

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2022 Virtual sessions

Due to COVID-19 policies and enforced travel restrictions, the 2022 Summit was held virtually as two mini sessions. This allowed us to invite everyone who supports our work to join. Although the virtual sessions do not come close to replacing the power of an actual in-person gathering, they did allow for our community to hear from our Malawi and Kenyan Partners to present about their country and best practices for their work. There was also time for an open dialogue for the entire community. 

The first session was hosted by the Malawi Partners in April 2022 (watch recording on YouTube) and the second session was hosted by the Kenyan Partners in November 2022 (watch recording on YouTube).