American Children Organizing Bookdrive

Illustration by Luda Shashua

thank you for all those who participated in together we read!

Join us in Together We Read!, a new reading and fundraising event celebrating literacy and community. Focusing on youth in North America and Africa, Together We Read! will begin on July 12th and encourages summer reading while also raising money to create libraries for youth in rural Africa. 

Be a lifelong student,

read as many books as possible.– Nelson Mandela

who can participate?

Youth up to age 18 are encouraged to sign up and registration is free. Over age 18? You can still participate by sponsoring a reader you know or donating directly to Together We Read! Sharing the event with your friends and family is also helpful!

Visit the official Together We Read! website, which will tell you exactly how to get involved, what to expect and other important event information. To stay updated on Together We Read! news, subscribe to our newsletter using the ‘Subscribe for Updates’ button below and follow us on social media. 

how do i participate? 

Participation is easy! Just click on “Register to Read” at the bottom of this page. You will share your name, age, and email address using Google Forms, and in the upcoming days African Library Project will send you an email on exactly how to register. If you are under the age of 14, the approval of a parent or guardian is required.

how do i fundraise?

Ask adults you know to make a pledge based on how much you read during the three weeks of Together We Read! Pledges can be a certain amount of money per minute or a flat amount for all the reading you do. The money raised during Together We Read! will go toward bringing libraries to children in Africa.

what do i have to do to get started?

Once you are registered, read as much as you can from July 12th – July 31st. There are no book lists or required reading. Find what you love to read and start! All sorts of reading counts toward your reading minutes: reading on your own, reading to a sibling or other younger child, reading to a pet, and partner reading with a family member or other adult. Being read to also counts. Make sure to keep track of all the reading you do!