A collection of student’s own narratives about reading and their school’s ALP library. Stories collected from January – March 2022.

“The organization and cleanness of the library, plus the availability of a wide range of books, are enough to make reading my favorite hobby.

After reading Port of Africa by Arthur l, Luvai, I learned to rise beyond challenges. I got to understand more about kindness and love for others despite differences of any form.”

Vivian Justine Emechu – S.4 Ekitangaala Transformation High School


I have acquired a lot of knowledge to be applied to my class assignments and life in general through reading.

Today I know that every wisdom that exists cannot be condensed in class subjects but can be found somewhere in books.”

Happy Sandw Nuwahereza -P.7 Ekitangaala Primary School


“The library helps me build relationships during book exchange sessions. I am also held accountable for my commitment to read when I see my friends borrow more than one book to read. I am challenged to read more and learn more about life.”

John Sirikye, S.6 Boys Cornerstone Leadership Academy Boys


The library has contributed a lot to my English fluency; being from French-speaking Congo, where French is our primary medium of communication, it has been hard for me to catch up with the system here in Uganda.
I invested myself in reading English books against all odds, and now I am a better English speaker and a better student. Also, my French accent always made me shy and unwilling to speak up; now that I have learned new words from my book readings, I am not afraid to speak up.”
Vanessa Shumbusho – S.6, Cornerstone Leadership Academy for Girls

“Little did I realize that there is so much information hidden in books; as a science student, I considered myself too loaded with classwork and class research in scientific books ever to approach the library for any other alternatives, now reading has become another way of passing my time relaxing and breaking from the intense scientific materials on my classes schedule.

Phillipe Balume – S.6   Cornerstone Leadership Academy Boys


First and foremost, the library transformed me into an open-minded person; I used to be very reserved but now, through book reading, I associate with others.

Among many books I have read so far, The Unwanted by Lisa Mac Mann taught me about equality, School for Good and Evil by Solan Chainani thought me about character. Every book I read leaves a lifelong lesson in me.” 

Pauline Dianah Ngabire -S.5 Ekitangaala Transformation High School


In my former school, our library had only class  subjects books, but I find more than academic books in this school, almost all disciplines of life I can think of, are represented.


Another difference is that my former school librarian was not friendly; here I find someone very approachable and who encourages us to read more and take advantage of all available resources. 

The library setting itself, with its beautiful and crafty corners marked with trees, lions, and giraffes, looks hospitable.”

Elijah Patience Bukenya -S.5 Ekitangaala Transformation High School


“My vocabulary has improved, and I believe that it will positively influence my academics, and I owe that to the library.”

Ivan Niyikiza – P.7 Ekitangaala Primary School


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