Despite the disruptions COVID-19 has brought about, African Library Project is continuing to help change lives book by book. While our volunteers and partners in Africa work hard to make sure they’re staying safe on the job, our book drive organizer’s safety is of the utmost importance. Below are some ways to collect books safely.

  1. Check your own bookcases!
  2. Use social media, you can encourage your friends and family to drop off books in a safe location
  3. Connect with your community through Nextdoor and other similar applications
  4. Put up a flyer in your apartment building or around your neighborhood
  5. Place a box in front of your door or community’s mailbox with a sign to explain what African Library Project is, the types of books your collecting, and the date you need them by

Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after handing books! You’re also encouraged to let books sit for a day outside (if weather permits) before bringing them indoors.

Do you have ideas about how to collect books safely? We’d love to hear from you. Share your ideas with